Hilo Drug Rehab

family interventionAre you looking for drug rehab in Hilo? Many treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities can be found in and around Hilo offering a range of treatment services including detox, dual diagnosis counseling, therapy and aftercare. These programs will assist you or your loved one with every step of the addiction recovery process from the early stages when withdrawal symptoms first present and are most difficult to cope with on through the late stages when you simply need a shoulder to lean on once in a while.

Hilo drug rehabilitation programs provide extensive care, medical intervention, medication replacement therapy and many methods of behavioral counseling and therapy to assist patients in finding the right way to recover and to stay sober. The best drug rehab programs also incorporate long-term care into the treatment process to ensure that, even after you finish the intensive treatment process, you continue to receive follow-up care that will make staying sober a continued part of your life.

Choosing a Rehab in Hilo

With many options to choose from in Hilo, drug rehab can be difficult to decide upon. Some considerations that will likely play a part in your final decision include the cost, the location, the level of care provided and the method of care provided. Some rehab centers focus on using Christian principles or a faith based approach while others use 12-steps while others choose to place the emphasis on behavioral therapy. Depending on the severity of your addiction and various other factors, you may choose to take part in any one of these programs or you may find a more suitable option in non-12 step treatment or medication replacement therapy.

We can help you to understand which type of drug rehab in Hilo will be most suitable for you based on your needs. For instance, if you are addicted to opiates, heroin, or prescription medications, you may be well suited to treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation center. However, if your addiction is mild or moderate, not highly physical in scope or you have already developed an extensive support group through inpatient treatment, your friends and your family, then outpatient rehab can provide you with a suitable method of treatment and care that will assist you in making a long lasting recovery from addiction.